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TARDIS interactive sound and light controller

4.5 An interactive sound and light controller I made for a friend’s full-size TARDIS. When you operate the switch most of the time you hear the TARDIS take-off sound but every so often you get the Doctor Who theme tune from various eras. TARDIS interactive sound and light controller  Read More →

Welcome to My Parlour – Interactive Sound Installation

4 Sound Travels Festival 2011 “Welcome to My Parlour” by Chan Ka Nin July 22 – Sept 3 Fridays 12-3pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm except Aug 19 and 20 plus demonstration by Artist on August 10 from 6 to 8 pm PWYC www.naisa.ca www.soundtravels.ca NAISA Space, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie #252, Toronto Anyone encountering this six foot spider-shaped sound sculpture are encouraged... 

Noise and Silence – Interactive sound-installation

4.5 Interactive sound installation by Group Gravity (in collaboration with Iguan Dance Theatre, St.Petersburg). The sounds are controlled by the movements of the dancers Michail Ivanov and Nina Gasteva. the installation is based on a motion-capture system (web-cam interface) by GroupGravity More infos at http://www.richard-deutsch.com Noise and Silence – Interactive sound-installation  Read More →

Experiencing “Aureality” – an interactive sound art installation by Lori Beckstead, 2005 (Kaelan)

4.5 “Aureality” was an interactive sound installation by Lori Beckstead exhibited in 2005. Users were given a set of wireless headphones and sent into a dark, empty space. Depending where the user moved in the room, they would hear a different soundscape. Soundscapes could be mixed and blended together depending on the user’s movements. MaxMSP was used to program the interaction,... 


5 LINHARES // PRAIA DO MINOTAURO // ES // 20/04/13 // www.facebook.com/tribesoundoficial / www.facebook.com/EuCurtoNOAtv NOATV // TRIBE SOUND @ 3 ANOS // INTERACTIVE NOISE  Read More →

AR interactive Sound

4 AR interactive Sound  Read More →

‘Sonophore’ @ The Old Credit Union. An Interactive Sound Installation (2011)

5 ‘Sonophore’ is a direct development of our previous work ‘Analogue Tape Glove’, an installation examining the notion of reappropriating analogue tape for use as an instrument. This installation saw the development of a glove interface which is now further evolved and used in Sonophore. The glove interface is connected to a wireless transmitter, which are both worn by the... 

Children dancing through new interactive sound installation – CASM

5 Eighty primary students from Broadview Elementary school parading through this interactive sound installation, waving coloured pompoms to match the arches. http://aviation.technomuses.ca/visit_us/at_the_museum/events/fanfare/ Children dancing through new interactive sound installation – CASM  Read More →

Artmusic Thin Air interactive sound sculpture

4.5 An interactive sound sculpture Installed in Southwell Minster 12 – 24 August 2002, created by Helen Ottaway (composer) and Alastair Goolden (sound designer) and produced by Artmusic. Fragments of sound are scattered in the space and triggered by people’s presence and movement. Thin Air, Southwell was commissioned by Nottingham County Council’s Music in Quiet Places Artmusic... 
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