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PITMM, interactive sound installation at the House of World Cultures, Berlin

4.5 For more info go here: http://www.ninawaisman.net/nano/index.html PITMM (Particles of Interest: Tales from the Matter Market) House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany “For the market, nanoparticles hold the 21st century’s great promise. For critics, they are a vision of pure horror, as long as the toxicological risks are not known. The era of unregulated nanocapitalism has already... 

Interactive Sound/Light Installation

4.5 500 suspended rods…film and sound. Interactive Sound/Light Installation  Read More →

Interactive Sound Canopy

4.5 Harley-Davidson Korea – Interactive Sound Canopy Interface software Interactive Sound Canopy  Read More →

SpherAleas – interactive / sound – digital art

4.5 This space is ideal for collective performances; it accomodates in its center a constellation of visible shapes, spinning sound loops and luminous vibratory elements. The dome-bubble hosts universes and objects endowed with life. They are articulated like subtle microcosms in conversation.he scenography is designed for complete immersion of the spectator thanks to interactive sensors, a multipoint... 

Reactions to “Aureality” – an interactive sound art installation by Lori Beckstead, 2005

4 “Aureality” was an interactive sound installation by Lori Beckstead exhibited in 2005. Users were given a set of wireless headphones and sent into a dark, empty space. Depending where the user moved in the room, they would hear a different soundscape. Soundscapes could be mixed and blended together depending on the user’s movements. MaxMSP was used to program the interaction, and... 

High-Order Diffraction and Diffuse Reflections for Interactive Sound Propagation

5 We present novel algorithms for modeling interactive diffuse reflections and higher-order diffraction in large-scale virtual environments. Our formulation is based on ray-based sound propagation and is directly applicable to complex geometric datasets. We use an incremental approach that combines radiosity and path tracing techniques to iteratively compute diffuse reflections. We also present algorithms... 

Coming Soon – Become One (Interactive Noise Remix) – Official

4 Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/spo53 Download on Beatport: http://smarturl.it/bpt53 Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/its53 Download on Psyshop: http://smarturl.it/psp53 CD on Psyshop: http://smarturl.it/pspcd53 Follow Us: Facebook: http://smarturl.it/spnface Soundcloud: http://smarturl.it/spnsound Spotify: http://smarturl.it/SPNMRADIO Twitter: http://smarturl.it/spntw Mearchandise:... 

Interactive Sound/Light Installation

4.5 500 suspended rods… film and sound Interactive Sound/Light Installation  Read More →

Interactive Sound and Art installation near Center Camp, Burning Man 2013

5 Interactive Sound and Art installation near Center Camp, Burning Man 2013  Read More →

Interactive Sound Installation – methners

4 One part of the Quelle Pop Up Exhibition called “Sommerkollektion”… Installation by Stefan-Chrstoph Methner Handmade contact microphone by Hans-Christian Fuss Dear Unknown, thank you so much for spontaneous jam and Lutz for better sound equipment … Interactive Sound Installation – methners  Read More →
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