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Interactive Geodesic LED dome

5 I constructed an interactive geodesic dome consisting of 120 triangles with an LED and sensor at each triangle. The dome is programmed with an Arduino to light up and produce a MIDI signal depending on which triangle you place your hand. I designed the dome to be a fun display that gets people interested in light, electronics, and sound. My friends in the video are: Ena Selimovic, Alex Papiu, Cody... 

Reduce Your Accent When You Reduce This Sound | Pronunciation Practice with the SCHWA /ə/

5 Learn and practice the most common sound in the English language! What is the schwa sound? Good question! We’ll tell you what the sound is, how it’s used, and let you practice saying it in words and sentences. After watching this video, you’re sure to become a more capable and confident English speaker. Interactive English provides active language learning lessons to help students... 

Bibika – interactive sound book

4 Bibika is an interactive sound book for kids 1-3 y.o. for iPad. For fuller experience enjoy it together with your little ones. Get if for free on App store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1239351818 Bibika – interactive sound book  Read More →

zeph.yr – Interactive Dance Performance

5 An Interactive Dance performance, your sensory experience is under the control of Dance Artist Rebecca Reilly. The sound and visual projections are entirely dependent on Rebecca’s movement in realtime. No samples are used in the live piece, the sonic and visual instruments are played by Rebecca as she moves throughout the space. Her shapes, positions and transitions determine what is seen... 

Interactive Ball 2 at Sounds Outback 4/4/ 2010

5 Jon Rose New Music Project in the shape of a 2.4 meter interactive ball intercedes between the blue sky and red dirt of Western Australia. Part of the Tura.com.au Sounds Outback, new music in unexpected places. For more on the ball projects http://www.jonroseweb.com/f_projects_ball.html http://www.jonroseweb.com/f_projects_team.html Interactive Ball 2 at Sounds Outback 4/4/ 2010  Read More →

Solenoidi Studio #1 – Interactive SoundArt Installation

4.5 Solenoidi studio #1 is an interactive soundart installation by Dario Casillo and Cristian Sommaiuolo based on the electromagnetic induction. It is the first self-adjusting feedback system having in his electroacoustic chain a suspended solenoids system acting like electromagnetic pendulum. The system translate external sounds in electromagnetic field and reacts with the pendulums’ oscillation. Solenoidi... 

Phonics Song | Letter Sounds | Letter Sounds Workout | Alphabet Song | Jack Hartmann

4 Engage your children physically and academically as they learn their letter sounds with our exercise to the letter sound song, Letter Sounds Workout. Educational studies have shown that movement and exercise increase oxygen to the brain for improved active learning. Your children will love doing this song over and over because it actively engages them with what they are learning. We keep the movements... 

Banjo Sound check on Roland E09 Indian edition Interactive keyboard arranger [on Request]

5 Thanks a Lot for watching Comment,Share,Like & Subscribe….. Please note, I am a singer ,not a keyboard player so please pardon my bad keyboard play. https://www.youtube.com/user/gorabanerjeekgec?sub_confirmation=1 click here to see my other programmed covers: click here to see my full acoustic covers: #RAW covers playlist Banjo Sound check on Roland E09 Indian edition Interactive... 

New club lighting design with sound & music interactive effects

4 We are the only designer team in Malaysia who build Madrix lighting New club lighting design with sound & music interactive effects  Read More →

Interactive Sounds Pack

4 You can download a free demo here: http://interfacesounds.net The Interactive Sounds Pack includes a collection of 500 professional, royalty free sounds, like different button clicks, notification alerts, beep sounds, alarm sounds and many more! All sounds are carefully designed to be clean and crisp. Each sound comes both in WAV (44kHz, 16 bit) and MP3 format (320kbps). Interactive Sounds Pack  Read More →
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