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Sound Design Course Trailer

Learn Sound Design Techniques and Tricks ALL in Pro Tools!

The goal of this course is for you to be able to create the sounds you are searching in your productions for from any virtual instrument in Pro Tools in just two weeks.

Over the course of the two weeks we’ll dive into creating new sounds from scratch, layering instruments, and using non-traditional samples. All with the end goal of you becoming a jedi of creative sound design

Unlease the power of tools you have at your disposal in Pro Tools to bring your music to the next level!

You’ll be guided through a comprehensive curriculum of the sound design features inside of Pro Tools and other software instruments. Learn step by step how to compose and sculpt your ideas.

You’ll be working with stems from The Arrows, recorded by Fab Dupont and throughout the course you’ll be adding your own production touches, all the while getting invaulable tips and feedback from your instructor.

You can expect to walk away from this masterclass with compositional tools and features that can greatly improve your productions and help you to make great music.
Sound Design Course Trailer

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