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SOUND FOREST // Interactive Sound Installation & Audiovisual Performance

I developed voice / sound generated Art. It reacts to the human voice. It reacts to sounds. It creates very abrupt graphic animated visuals. What is magical about it, is the size it holds in a space. The environment lives and is reactive to what is going on. It is a way of visualizing sound and the human voice.

I danced in front of the projection as a Performing Art piece.

I made the music for this video which will feature on my upcoming instrumental album.

The typographic animation of the title SOUND FOREST at the beginning of the video was created by me yelling. My voice created the graphics.

For the Performing Art, I played music to generate the visuals.

My objectives with Voice Generated Graphics Interactive Projection Art:
– Performance Art
– Live Musical / Theatrical Performances
– Festivals
– Clubs / Tasteful Parties
– Interactive Rooms
– Galleries
– Museums
– Public Spaces
– Urban Development
– Retail
– Events
– Conventions
– Anywhere where humans interact

I create an infinite amount of composition by just speaking. The Future is Now.
Remember the days of creating vector art using a software? Well those days are over when you start creating graphics with your voice.

I want to create interactive installations or displayed on huge led screens for Music Festivals and Clubs with a cutting-edge. If you know anyone who may be interested, please send them this link and my portfolio page:

It was created at NUMA in Paris, a co-working startup space. They have an amazing 3 projector setup, for presentation and conferences. Working with Hackerloop made it possible for me to create my art utilizing their space. It made me so happy, thankful, and grateful.

This video was directed + shot on an iPhone + edited by WILLPOWER STUDIOS
SOUND FOREST // Interactive Sound Installation & Audiovisual Performance

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