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Visual Space: Motion-based interactive installation

4 Visual Space is an interactive system, which uses motion tracking technology to enable users to control video clips, visual effects and sound through hand, head and shoulder movement. The position of different limbs is detected via a Microsoft Xbox Kinect. Tracking data are extracted in Processing and manipulated in Max/MSP Jitter. The application features a customisable interface that allows loading... 

BB-9E Star Wars Last Jedi Interactive Talking Droid Toy Unboxing Disney Store Exclusive Review

5 Electronic Toy Droid Review – BB-9E Star Wars Last Jedi Interactive Talking Droid Toy Unboxing Disney Store Exclusive Review Take control of the evil astromech droid with this BB-9E talking action figure! Choose from 2 modes to hear sounds inspired by the character from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Thank you for watching my content, be sure to subscribe give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed todays... 

Real time interactive audio-visualisation

4.5 Audio-visual composition for my Advanced Audio-Visual Processing class here at Goldsmiths University of London. http://tomasj.uk Code base: https://github.com/jasetom/advanced-av-portfolio-website Music: SoulSonic – When you leave me https://coldtearrecords.bandcamp.com/track/when-you-leave-me Real time interactive audio-visualisation  Read More →

Zoomer Show Pony with Lights, Sounds & Interactive Movement Unboxing

4 Show Pony is a sweet interactive toy who sings, dances and moves just like a real pony! When she performs well, treat her with a yummy sugar cube! She loves to snack on sugar, and may even get hyper and perform her special sugar dance! This little pony’s hair is streaked a stunning hot pink and white. Use the brush accessory to style her for the big show! Zoomer Show Pony is for children aged... 

Firebot v3 & Mixer Interactive 2.0 Tutorial – Walkthrough

4.5 Firebot – https://github.com/Firebottle/Firebot/releases Mixer Studio – https://mixer.com/i/studio/ Discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/244TQde Hypesquad Referral – https://discordapp.com/hypesquad?ref=q4IIKG2XDZ Twitter – https://twitter.com/GamertagIsAnt Need Gif/Jif’s? – https://giphy.com/ Need Sounds? – https://www.myinstants.com/ Stream... 

Precious Moments Little Sparrow 1997 Golden books interactive button sound book review(1)

4.5 Shopping is my quick review and Overlook of 1997 Golden Books Precious Moments Little Sparrow book with interactive button-pressing sound options please like And subscribe to my channel I have very little videos at the moment so it won’t take up too much space on your page but I’m looking forward to doing many more reviews with children’s books and products that have not had... 

Cheeky Monkey Interactive Baby Monkey with sound and motion

4 Cheeky Monkey Interactive Baby Monkey with sound and motion  Read More →

DNA & friends: Futuretro Interactive Light Sculptures: Animated Time-lapse. (sounds by aphex twin)

4 (Watch this video in HD). This is an animated time-lapse video of my living room, showing some of my Futuretro interactive light sculptures. I took hundreds of photographs and edited them together in order to create this glitchy, dreamlike depiction of my living room. Check out my website if you would like to see more of my art: http://www.futuretro.co.uk DNA & friends: Futuretro Interactive... 

Strange noises and sounds (Interactive story)

4.5 It was a peaceful night 1 more month then it’s Christmas, I was on my bed watching my brother play games then all of a sudden…I heard a door downstairs close on footsteps approaching my bedroom door(closed) me and my brother had 2 options 1 check it out-https://youtu.be/7Ct1rlR09RU 2 ignore the noises-https://youtu.be/Z-9me9Dhpvc Strange noises and sounds (Interactive story)  Read More →

[Kinect/Max msp] Body-controlled-sound Interactive Dance Piece Rehearsal

4 Use Kinect and Max to track body movement and to control the timbre, volume and filters on the sound. Dancers: Jeena Yin, Evan Neely Tech: Jeena Yin, Sara Adkins Sound: Evan Neely [Kinect/Max msp] Body-controlled-sound Interactive Dance Piece Rehearsal  Read More →
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