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The Interactive Pasts Conference: Jesse de Vos

Presentation at the Interactive Pasts Conference, April 4th 2016, Leiden University.

Jesse de Vos (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid)

“Preserving Games in an Audiovisual Archive

The national audiovisual archive of the Netherlands, Sound and Vision, has recently started a project to preserve early Dutch computer games as cultural heritage. Covering the entire preservation process from ingest to access, the project aims to use a variety of approaches to game preservation. In order to do so a small body of productions from the 80’s and 90’s will be archived. The small scale allows for a more experimental approach that is much needed in this complex and diversified field.
This presentation will include both theoretical and practical reflections on the adjustments needed to preservation policy and methods in order to successfully safeguard games for future generations. It will address a number of questions such as: how do we cater for a variety of future user-groups? Which perspective(s) do we choose in our documentation practice? How can we preserve relevant context? And what do the chosen preservation methods allow/disallow us to do with these games? The experiences within the research-project will serve to illustrate these questions.”

The Interactive Pasts Conference: Jesse de Vos

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