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4th Impact cover Girls Aloud and we can’t stop clapping! | Live Week 2 | The X Factor 2015

5 Visit the official site: http://itv.com/xfactor 4th Impact perform their mentor Cheryl’s own song – the Girls Aloud hit Sound of the Underground – along with Shirley Ellis’ Clapping Song. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/TXFSub Facebook: http://bit.ly/TXFFB Twitter: http://bit.ly/TXFTwi Download The X Factor mobile app: http://bit.ly/TXFapp Watch full episodes on ITV Player (UK ONLY):... 

Diphthong Sound /aɪ/ as in “like” – American English Pronunciation

4.5 UNESCO declared January 2018 the month of diphthongs. We’re just messing with you, they didn’t! However, here’s our video on the diphthong /aɪ/, as in the word “like.” In this video, you’ll find out how to make the /aɪ/ diphthong and how to avoid pronunciation mistakes. You’ll practice this sound with a pronunciation exercise recorded by a professional... 

Enlichenment: Interactive Sound Sculpture by Anna Snyder

5 Enlichenment is a multi-media installation that explores the materiality of lichen. With my two part interactive sound sculpture I turned a collection of lichens into capacitance sensors that detect the conductivity of interaction between the lichen and participants who choose to tacitly engage. The data from these interactions is translated in real time into vibratory sounds which emanate from... 

SCADPad “Wondrous” – Interactive Sound Showcase

4 Showcase of Vicki Lau’s sound design skills – interactive application of sound design using Pro Tools and Soundminer. www.lauvicki.com SCADPad “Wondrous” – Interactive Sound Showcase  Read More →


4.5 Today in roblox we discover the WORLDS LOUDEST SOUND! GET THE PALS HOLIDAY PACKAGE HERE! – http://bit.ly/SketchHolidayPackage SKETCH MERCH STORE – http://bit.ly/SketchMerch ► Follow me on Twitter! — https://twitter.com/Sk3tchYT Thanks For Watching! : LOUDEST SOUND IN ROBLOX *HEADPHONE WARNING* ► More videos: Roblox: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJhaO2z1vArct2ObEnlOXPpyFIUsdkez1 Non-gaming:... 

Sounds-Write Interactive Whiteboard Materials

5 This video introduces the Interactive Whiteboard Materials for the Initial Code, produced to follow the Sounds-Write linguistic phonics programme. Sounds-Write Interactive Whiteboard Materials  Read More →

Fox Interactive Logo (No Sound) Roblox

5 Fox Interactive Logo (No Sound) Roblox  Read More →

LIKWID SOUNDS l PART 6 – Interactive

5 http://www.liquidkeepers.de/ mixed by PAPA SOUL LIKWID SOUNDS l PART 6 – Interactive  Read More →

English Sounds and Spelling – English Pronunciation Lesson

4.5 In this English pronunciation lesson, you can learn about English sounds and spelling. English can be difficult to pronounce if you look at the letters of a word. It’s difficult because the letters we write and the sounds we say aren’t always the same. In this lesson, you’ll learn about English pronunciation and English spelling. You can see the difference between how you write... 

The Portal Interactive Art Installation

4.5 The Portal is a unique interactive multisensory installation conceived and actualized by Dickinson Prentiss of Dreamlab. The artwork was first displayed at the Siggraph 99 Exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Center where over 42,000 participants shared in the interactive group experience. The Portal installation provides an environment where a gathering of participants simultaneously contribute... 
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